Dream Decoding

Do you remember what your dreamed about last night? What about the night before? Believe it or not you dream every time you go to bed. Your memory is what really depicts what your dreams were about. Dreaming takes place during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. A dream is simply a message from your brain (subconscious). It contains many clips, images, emotions, and memories from throughout your day when you are conscious.  These messages from your brain (subconscious) contain key details and elements that can help you in miraculous ways. First you must understand the signs and codes before you utilize the information. A few tips to get started are:

  • Dream Journal

Recording any and all details of your dreams everyday when you wake up. This will improve your memory and help you to recognize keys signs when your asleep.

  • Meditation

Developing the strength and stamina of your mind will greatly aid your memory, and focus both asleep or awake.

  • Research

Learning the symbolism of each dream and it key moments, emotion, colors, etc.

As you apply these techniques you will slowly but surely begin to recall your dreams more often and vividly. After that you just put the information gathered together like a puzzle. From there you can understand why certain emotions, habits, obstacles, even people come in contact with you and how to deal with the situation for your best benefit.

                                                 -Brotherhood of Sincerity

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