Today Could Have Been My Last Day on Earth.

Regardless if you are rich or poor if you black……. you are black in America and the color of your skin will be miss-understood many times over by society today. This was my close encounter with the realization that my life could be over in the blink of an eye.

I’m a well-educated man in the late ’40s with 4 kids and happily married for over 15 years. I have managed to purchase a home and create a safe and warm sanctuary for my wife and sons. We live in Cedar Hill the South Dallas area, there you will find many hardworking and a grouping middle class, the majority is African Americans. My life routine is simple to follow the all rules work hard and be a good provider. Every morning I wake up 3 hours early make my coffee, eat breakfast and kiss my queen before jumping into my 2019 Lexus. To avoid the heart of traffic, I pay extra by having a tool tag and begin to drive 1 hour and 30 minutes to Frisco. This is my basic way of living and by far this has been working for us.

I love what I do for work, I always enjoyed working with numbers, charts, graphs, stocks, bonds, mutual fund, trading and much more. My passion for finances makes the one hour and 30 minutes long drive just seemed painless. That is my job, I been working for a financial company for many years and my reputation alone has allowed me to improve not only my life but the life of all my loved ones.

Weekends are my my joy a way for me to relax and enjoy my hard work, around 7:00 pm before night falls, I go different restaurants a great treat for my family. This day exactly on 2/2819 around I was accused for “caring while black”. I just got accused of potentially robbing Ray’s Bar-B-Q in Desoto, TX.  Here is the situation.  Angie called in an order for the family for dinner.  I went to the location and walked in, went to the corner.  The lady behind the counter asked may I help you?  I said yes I am here to pick up an order for Paul.  The lady behind the counter said OK as she steps back and says I thought you were about to rob us, you had your hands in your pocket.  I didn’t know what you were about to do.  I was about to push this button over here.  I then told the lady I am not here to rob you, I am here to pick up my food.  I paid for the food and she told me to have a blessed day.  I was extremely upset at this point but did not show any frustration.  I got into my Lexus and went home.  I explained the situation to my wife and she was disturbed as well.  I then called back to the location and asked to speak with the owner and the same lady that accused me of potentially robbing her answered the phone and said she was the owner.  I explained my frustration as calm as a mice speaking to a lion. 

The lady completely minimized my complaint by telling me how she felt but she apologizes and hopes that I would come back and do business with her as I remain silent.  I then told her to have a great evening and hung up. Let me explain to you what could have happened here.  I am a state LTC (Licensed to Carry) a concealed weapon.  Mind you I never showed my weapon nor did I mention I had a weapon at any point.  If this lady would have pressed her button and the police came my life could have been threatened simply because my hands were in my pocket.  Being a Black Man in America is very dangerous.  I have so much more to say but don’t have the time to write it all down at this point.

What if? What if today is my last day on Earth?

What if on this day my lights go out because of a miss-understanding? What if? My family would have lost everything, a father, breadwinner, and a best friend. the police officers could have come at any moment and shot me first and asked questions later. And the manager of the store who happened to be African American would have to deal with this mistake for the rest of her life.

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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