“Singing Like a Song Bird” – by Shonda M. Parks-Shabazz

Our society today does not give enough credit to single fathers, specifically the black single fathers. Many black single fathers are parents who work multiple jobs just to keep their family afloat. Exceeding his obligations and sometimes enduring the responsibilities of the absentee mother, but let’s make one thing clear. This article is not to degrade black women. On the contrary we are Grateful, Respectful, and Appreciative for all the dedication that they have shown and provided. We are forever in debt to our queens. Black mothers throughout history have suffered and triumphed along with their families. They are the Foundation over everything we are today. They have taken the role as the Educator, Counselor, Doctor, and many other duties and did it with love. In fact a mother’s love is unique and pure (plain and simple).

At this time let’s focus on the black single fathers out there. We have to view them with different binoculars and give them equal recognition. These black single fathers are fathers who do not receive all of the love and credit for the work that they do. They get up early in the morning, cook breakfast and even get their kids dressed for school. Just to name a few things.

Most kids have extracurricular activities after school and (we are all aware) those activities cost money. Black single fathers (Real Men) do not complain. In most cases they work the over-time just to afford the necessities and even after working long hours. They make sure that they maintain great communication with their children. Regardless of how tired or beat up they may feel. They make sure all bills are paid on time, Children maintain Medical Benefits, Safety is in order, Education is key (Knowledge is Power) and that the love is eternal. There is a myth that Black Single fathers are extinct. This is a fallacy and not only or they NOT extinct. Most are viewed as heroes in their family’s eyes. I believe we as a Human race just need to give them a little more credit.

This is why we the Brotherhood of Sincerity have invited Shonda M. Park aka “So’Love Shabazz Bey” for an interview. She has published the children book called “Singing like a Song Bird”, a well-written book for ALL to enjoy. This book is also great for The Black single father who wishes to engage more with their daughters with activities such as reading and coloring. “Singing like a Song Bird” is a good fun, exciting and easy to interpret children’s book with an African American perspective.

Author: Shonda M. Park


Shonda M. Parks have accomplished many go in her life, we learned that she is a Performing Storyteller, Speaker, Talk Show Host, Author, and Educator. Mrs. Parks was born in Born in Chicago, IL February 14, 1964. Her education background in communication (Iowa State University). She has been a member of the National Black Theater – Harlem NY from
1984-1986. Later moved back to Chicago in the year of 1987 and became married. She obtained an LSC Chairperson on elementary, middle and high school level from 1992 to 2003. She was the President, Community Liaison to P.U.R.E and several other community-based organizations from 1997 to 2002. She was a promoter – In House Production 1998 – 2001, and still a Radio talk show host (Uhuru Nation, Dock Power Hour, Know Thyself Radio, Empress Hour) since 2012. She is the Founder and Creator of The Seed Dropper Nation. And finally, the Author “Singing Like a Song Bird” – children’s coloring/activity book.

We are grateful to have this interview with such a beautiful human being and a well accomplished educated queen, Shonda M. Parks! Who created this children book for all to enjoy. A great recommendation by The Brotherhood of Sincerity for all the single black fathers who seek for a productive way to build a better connection with their daughters.

Author: Shonda M. Parks


The Brotherhood of Sincerity: Let us go straight to the point. Single black fathers are struggling and fighting day-by-day to make sure their kids are well taken care of. What message you have for single fathers particularly Black Fathers? And how do you feel your book “Singing Like a Song Bird” can help improve their relationships? 

Shonda M. Park: To always remember the desires of the little boy inside, understand those desires, deeply analyze to see what to you off course to your desires. Know that your desires lead you to your purpose as a being. The reason that Singing Like a Song Bird can improve their relationship because the story demonstrates how we help and tarnish one’s hopes and desires. The story should awaken the empathy and understanding guiding us to the right behavior.

The Brotherhood of Sincerity: How long have you been a mother and what motivated you to write this book? How many other books are you working on?

Shonda M. Parks: I’m a mother of 4 children, 10 grandchildren for over 30 years I’ve been playing the role of a mother. This experience of parenting has been one of the main factors toward my motivation for storytelling and writing. “Singing Like a Song Bird” is the first of what I call the “Mother-ship Guides”, it’s my goal to have a series of stories. Mother is always my main character, simply because I give honor and call upon the #RIZE@MOTHERS.

The Brotherhood of Sincerity: Can you please tell The Brotherhood of Sincerity about yourself? Where you from and how you got to where you are?

Shonda M. Parks: Wow! I’m no spring chicken and I’ve had lots of amazing experiences, good and bad. My point of position started on the west-side of Chicago, from a relatively close family; thanks to my grandma. I have always been a seeker of knowledge and an adventure, sports kept me occupied. College really wasn’t my cup of tea; a few semesters was all I could do. I next followed my curiosity and intrigue of the theater to the big apple ‘New York’ city. Yes, I had the opportunity to work on some unique performances, learned great business skills. My summer visit back home to Chicago was the summer I met my husband. We started a family immediately, HELLO MOTHERHOOD – the journey of Motherhood expanded me, I was a full-time work from home mom from day 1. I was active in the community and schools, active board members of different organizations. This path has prepared me with active talents (author, storyteller, talk show host, educator, artist).

The Brotherhood of Sincerity: What motivated you to write “Singing Like a Song Bird” Book? Why do you think is different from other books?

Shonda M. Parks: This story is based on real experience and the struggles that come with deciding. My grandchildren showed me the path to my storytelling by demanding me to tell them more about my life, and the joy of sharing with them was key to unlocking my hidden talent. So, I’ve been carving my way now since 2015 as an author/storyteller. My book concepts focus on the imagination, the child in us all, activities to provoke involvement and I’ll be using this book as an example of teaching people how to publish short stories..

The Brotherhood of Sincerity: Understood! The endless love you have for your family have been a blessing, a the same time, is the fuel of your continues success.

Shonda M. Parks: You are 100% correct, my love for them is the principal ingredient to accomplish anything in life. I do it all for them and I’m always second.

The Brotherhood of Sincerity: Do you provide a live reading course for your audience? If so, where can they reach you?

Shonda M. Parks: This is will be cover in our online class which is coming soon.

The Brotherhood of Sincerity: I see you have a successful career, how did you balance your work life and creating this book and being a full-time mother?

Shonda M Parks: The best answer for me is slow and steady, make a plan – do your best to stay on course because life will get in the way. This strategy keeps me in the race and focused on my plan of action.

The Brotherhood of Sincerity: What message do you have for other black women who want to write a black children book or just start their own business?

Shonda M. Parks: Study yourself, your own human anatomy, you are the book and the story starts and end with you. The female is the key to the currency of the world, as a female, we need to understand our value.

The Brotherhood of Sincerity: As I read your book are you looking to change lives? What message are you trying to communicate to the world and for the single fathers are providing for their daughter(s)?

Shonda M. Parks: My purpose is to be a seed dropper, instrumental in new conversations, creating new paradigms. COMMUNICATION IS CRITICAL.

The Brotherhood of Sincerity: In conclusion, we are pleased and happy to have this interview with Shonda Parks. Thank you Shonda M. Parks for your time, expertise, creativity, human knowledge of love.

In case you want to purchase or buy her books please lick on the links below:

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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