Ground Your Feet & Connect W/ Our Earth

Black people just ground and connect your feet with the Earth, go back to our ancestors ways and walk connected. Many times we get caught up in our thoughts, dreams, or illusions only to find ourself in a world of confusion and distractions. One of the biggest things humans take for granted is the magnificent planet we live on. Health is Wealth and the Earth plays a major part in this cycle.

Bio-electricity is energy generated within the cells of the human body. In today’s society, the body and mind are demanded with so many things at one time that you must keep yourself as healthy as possible or else your body will break down fast.

This is a simple technique will change your entire life for the better in more way than you can imagine.

Another tip is to wear copper on your body. Copper conducts electricity and is one of the main elements to create energy within the body. Without copper, your brain cannot regenerate, and you cannot have a healthy immune system. Simply wearing a copper bracelet will keep your energy levels up and grounded with you at anytime or any place.

The purpose for all of this is to maintain your focus by tapping into the energy of our planet. Also, to keep your high and healthy at your highest energetic being. By following these are inexpensive and simple techniques you will begin to witness what best works for you.

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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