How To Spot High-Conflict People Before It’s Too Late

The goal of this article is to shine a light on people who carries negative frequencies with them and we will learn how to push these people aside. We all understand that misery loves company. So let us understand these behaviors and take a strong hold on them. These are the 4 behavior types you should be aware of and attack it before it strikes you first.

1.Blame Others

Preoccupation of blaming other people (is never my fault) – this is how high conflict people always think. Instead they should focus on solutions.

2. All or Nothing Thinking/Mentality

My way or the High way” These are the people who have all or nothing perspective.

3. Un-managed Emotions

They tend to be crying, yelling, bitching, running out of the room – not managing emotions or too emotional, lack of confidence

4. Extremes of Behaviors

There’s a 90% rule –  Stay way from high conflict people, never engage on’t do. Look for an abnormal energy outside of the radius.

Most of these categories are specially targeted to one person, the one who is egotistical with a God like mentality. Remember not to be too close to this person because you will be his/her number one target. They do enjoy targeting people with authority, and look at you as a prey. Do not engage in conflict with this person and if you do engage this means you already lost. Do not let them know that they are a “blamer” in other words do not feed fuel to the fire. Let their fate be as it was intended to be.

Be at Peace.

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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