“Who Are Those Niggas Over There?”

My best friend who goes by the name of Robert Jackson made a comment that caught my attention and me in shook disbelief. He said, “Who are those niggas hanging over there? They surely up to no good!” Now, I did not know if I heard the full extension of his question as he delivered it in a negative connotation.

Robert said ‘those niggas’ as if they were reporting a crime or something negative to that effect. This brother me so much that I had to ask myself. What kind of ‘those niggas’ do you mean? I have wondered since we all share a common thread (both of us are African decedents). I was born in Brazil, South America and he was raised in the deep south of Oak Cliff, Texas.

Robert was raised in the projects and he liberated himself by work 2-3 jobs and by getting his degrees in biology. He lived his life entire life working hard have accomplished man goals. Now, he owns a nice 4-bedroom house, good credit, nice car, and works for a medical company for over 10 years. His family adores him, and his friends respect his presence.

What happened? Why has he forgotten where he came from? Why is he so quick to say something so negative about his own kind?

Instead of rejecting the entire notion as a method of black hate and privilege, we should attempt to formally dismiss the conversation forever by laying out the facts about Black Americans hatting their own. It is true that most of the Black Hate should be something we as a community showed have a conversation, study and exterminate.

The following week, I decided to talk to my friend about his comments and what it means to be a successful black man in America. During the middle of the conversation, we agreed how there are so many young black men who thirst for success in life.

I explained to Robert that ‘those niggas’ where my family members. From a distance, they didn’t recognize my face that exactly why they continue with their business. I said, “their ages were between 15 and 17 years old, and their potential and drive for success is the same as your when you where their age”. Instantly, my friend realized that he too experienced the same event, in remorse he looked down, realizing that he viewed as ‘those niggas’.

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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