Black Death Got Hold of Him / Poem

“”Death got a hold on him
Clutching on his heart as the days disappear in the day n night
Too many people at the grave sites
Not enough at family cookouts
Gun violence is destroying the community
Pulling triggers just to be in the spot light
Its consequences to this fame for 10 minutes

What’s the motivation?
How we killing for stupidity
Now you gambling with your life as they sentence you too life
Life behind bars and your days are limited because you took an innocent
Wondering why people dislike your life because you sacrificed yours just because you in blood
Crip gang wanna feel like power when in reality you making America look bad

Devastated by society
Trying to change the world but y’all on the block
Remember that 9 will have you closer to your grave
6 ft underground as life keep going people will forget you because all you left was pain and shame

We dying to live and the devil got a hold on your tombstone
Tears of seeing your names on shirts and seeing your birthday to your death day
How can you live knowing you took lives for a city of recognition?

Now they faded
No respect to the game
You locked up or behind bars and they out living it up
Now you done fucked up
Gambling with your life for what?
Soak in reality before you hit a block

Your life matters!!!”

Author: Porcha A-Hava Hiley

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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