Kings Hand Up / Poem

“Let me be the first to give my kings a hand up 
I recognize your attributes to the third power 
You are our backbone and with you our world wouldn’t been built 
From the young generation to our now future… our kings are the domain to our hearts 
Your blackness is outstanding no matter what society says 
I shall never downgrade you because in this war you protecting us 
See they prejudice our kings because of what they think they shall be 
God made them who they are and I will respect them with encouragement 
They wanna count you out but without 1 how can they start to demolish your abilities 
Minds of entrepreneurs 
Minds of leaders 
Minds of wisdom 
Minds of Gods 
I give you praise 
Too all Kings I give you glory to rise to the empire .”

Author: Porcha A-Hava Hiley

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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