Pursuit of Happiness or Stay Woke? |Gregory Bird

“That’s what is written, if you did not know it’s more than just a movie. After reading this you will know what the truth is. See, I am about to give you some knowledge. No, not the shit they’ll teach you in college.

Though, those institutions well help you, see how a piece of paper will develop you. I am gonna five you some history better yet, His-History. The Pursuit of Happiness derives from the same document that also states, “That All Man are Created Equal”.

Yet, you see that is a LIE!

We never were equal in their eye! They have always seen themselves as superior and as they opposing side, we became inferior and start to rebel.

They then passed laws, we because numbers and the throw in cells! Have you ever wonder about that “40 acres and a mull”? Well you got it! Seen upon being freed a bigger schemed was plotted. That mull you never get to ride it.

Yet you called out by number and grouped than divided.

Those acres are beautiful until you given a bag that you told to fill. Just think about it my brother as you are in prison picking vegetables that will soon become your meal.”

Author: Gregory Bird

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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