Broken Black Female Heart / Poem

“Never had love
Love was supposed to be a blessing 
Not a lesson 
Learning the pain as each tear fall 
I deserve much better than to wonder how to love 
You told me things I never heard 
You gave me vision that directed me to your soul 
I had broken hearts before and you told me that our love would last forever 
I believed in you 
However you eventually showed me the usual
You tormented me with broken promises 
You left me to pick up the broken pieces 
I put everything on the line 
You looked at me and called me a fool because you never loved me as much as I loved you 
Nothing changed as you became like my nigga in the past 
You blinded me with words I longed for 
You feed me words that I hungered for 
You water my heart I thirst for 
Paralyzed to my inner flesh as I bleed out for an understanding 
You looked at me and said what we had is gone forever”

Author: Porcha A-Hava Hiley

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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