Why our own Natural Gift is the Destruction of the Black Community?

Why do we degraded our people? Why? Nobody likes a sellout. Nobody! But we must ask ourselves a question. Are the rappers selling out? Are they selling us about? Why do we ask these questions?

We idolized rappers that brag about selling or have sold drugs in our black community, such as Jay Z, Gucci, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and the list goes on. A few things wrong with this is that you cannot say you are about black advancement. But these rappers contribute to or are still contributing to the black disadvantage. We not talking weed, we are talking about crack, cocaine, heroin, and whatever these guys promote.

Why do we degraded our people? Why?

I’m sure they had to do what ever they had to do to reach to the top. I get it! Why not promote wellness once they reach at the top and give back to the black community? Why not lay a hand and help like Nipsey Hussle did in Los Angeles, California?

Imagine if every rapper invested their money only to support, promote, and enhance black businesses and entrepreneurship and black excellence? Instead they buy jewelry, cars and other things that is nowhere near being owned by black owners. Meanwhile the owners are getting richer, other non-black CEO’s bank account grows exponentially, setting up their own for generational wealth and security.

Why do we degraded our people? Why?

Things we serve to get what we want; other races sit back laughing and looking at us as they get more and more profit. They witness and wonder why we are so cruel to our own people the things rappers do to influence our youth. Now, I’m not hatting on RAP and HIPHOP there are other capitalistic and systematic evil projects keeping our people down.

But truth be told, we can care less what they do. We should be focusing on us instead of being influenced by psychological fake persuasions and fantasies. We are funding their products on the blood of your own people and culture.

After being rich for promoting violence, drugs, hate, self-destruction and not funding black owned products.  One day, all these rappers will have to asked themselves this question.

Who is the is the real sell out?

This is the question we must ask ourselves every day as a collective woke community. This question will open a worldwide discussion into a solution to liberation from all this propaganda and manipulation.

As long these rappers are getting paid they can care less you or me. We can lift ourselves from the mud of shame wake our community from economic despair and decay. The only way we can do that and prosper is by asking ourselves.

Why do we continue to degrade our people? Why?

Remember me?

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

One Comment on “Why our own Natural Gift is the Destruction of the Black Community?

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