Black Youth – Careful | By Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

Our youth today are affected, unloved, and unprotected…

The voices of their parents echoes…yelling, screaming, fighting, and crying..they hear the whisper of their soul slowly dying. They turn to the streets seeking acceptance, trying to make sense of life with their own perception, nowhere to go, no one to love them, not even a simple hug to embrace them..

The streets become their home, their love, their friend, their life..what would you do if both your parents are locked up for life?

The daily drama of home life is to much, the sexual abuse, the drugs, the physical abuse, the mental abuse. How could this be happening to our youth?

My soul aches deep inside, being a product of the same pain , my eyes can no longer hold the tears, who do your youth turn to, when they feel they are to blame. The pain they feel will be hard to heal, some wont even know how to feel…

We must not give up on our youth, in their hearts and minds their troubles become their truth. We must take a stand, grab our youths by the hand, give them a better plan, let them know you to understand…be a mentor like we all can…

Help them to strive to be a better woman or man.

author: Trete

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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