Trying to Hold On / Poem

There’s so much in my head,
I’m trying hard to not let it go,
siting at the edge ready to blow.
Sadness, fills the open spots in my heart,
open your eyes and really see, I don’t
have enough in me to keep playing the part.
Broken down, shuffled around,  kicked around,
I’m finally down.
My body is being pushed underwater, all hopes are to drown,
but something holds me up and say not now.
I want to reach for the stars, leave this earth,
but god is not letting me.
Some days I hang on by a thread,
forcing myself to get through the day instead.
Forced to hide my true self, I’m struggling to hold on,
I don’t know how much longer I can hold on,
life seems like the same old damn song,
In my quite time I often wonder if this is were I belong.

Author: Trete

-The Brotherhood of Sincerity

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