Message to My Mother

I just want to say Happy Mother’s Day, for all days is your day.

My queen, black, strong, intelligent, informative, honorable, tireless, warrior, and loving mother.

I knew your love for me have always been endless, the blood I carry is ours and this is still true and your love for me is pure.  

Happy Mother Day.

I want to thank you for my first heart beat…its sounds so powerful…just like African Drums in which endless beats love for me.

I want to thank you for letting me listen to your mature silent spirits.

I knew you fought hard, I understand the Earth took you, yet our love continues.  

Happy Mother’s Day as a child and as black man.

You held me as a child, feed me, support me, deterred me from bad decisions and been a patient caring noble black queen.

You were my compass, my doctor, my teacher, my guardian soldier.  
Your time in this Earth was cut short, your miracles where cut short, so short that my memories can only hold milliseconds of our happiness.

You thought me to love myself, my wide nostrils, strong posture, my struggles, my strengths, and how our Sun touched my skin.

Mother, I love you. And Happy Mother’s Day!

Our connection to you is immeasurable and your spirits will continue to live making me a king as I’m today.

Thank you.

Author: Dos Santos GEneroso

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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