Our Sun. Our Planet. Our only Pure Source of Life. | By Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

Your QUANTUM sounds radiant explosive vibrations is what keeps me alive , and everything that lives depends on you. Our Sun is a dramatic oval of hydrogen helium that makes life on Earth livable and possible.

You give life to our planet, you give life to us all, you give life to everything. Our Sun has erupted the heavens and the sky, because or your love for me, and my dark skin, for this I love you.

The gigantic waters from Victoria Falls and Iguassu sugar river banks welcome your 8 seconds energy. You the Sun welcomes humans. You embrace us with live and pure energy and light for this you give us life.

You remind me of my father because you are strong, tall, and so powerful. Your wife is the moon and she is so silent in the abyss of the night, she is quiet, calm, who provide light during the dark.

The trees sing in joy by flapping their leaves amongst each other in joy, every time you rise from the east. The rain dances with different colors only because or you continue early morning birth. It’s a miracle what you do to our planet.

You are our powerful sun. You are the father of Life. Without you all life on Earth dies. Everything becomes dead. Everything!Without you, darkness will win.

Thank you for free energy you give, distribute, hugs, and creates.

Our Sun!

-The Brotherhood of Sincerity

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