My Sugar Queen! | by Derrick Williams

Hey Queen, Where you at? This ain’t how it was meant to be. I’m in search for my ebony Queen. That Queen to stand hand in hand next to this King. When the “Most High” God created man to keep him from being lonely he created Eve. Me without that Babygirl beside me my circle seems incomplete, So where you at Queen?

Got me feeling like that little kid outside that candy store, Except I’m craving me someone who’s sweet. Hungry for that potential wifey’s good love and affection where I can just imagine how good her lovin’ would be. Need me that Queen with a heart made of everything sugary one could ask do her heart bleed Cookies and cream, And why she’s so f’ing sweet? Yup, That’s the kind of Quee’s loving I seek. Someone who would love me always without question and unconditionally!

That shorty with lips tasting like lil Bits of honey. Giving me those sweet Hershey kisses just because, And for that fact that I’m her man. Her skin reminding me of milk chocolate, The kind that melts in your mouth and not in your hands. And whenever she’s breaking me off with a piece of that Kit Kat a brother can’t help but say, Damn! Trust and believe, Understand that’s exactly the kind of Queen my love demands. Where you at queen?
Whenever I wrap these caramel arms around her I could show her how much she means to me. Would promise and pray our love stays Good & Plenty, Never that Now & Later type loving or anytime be sugar free. I want me that Queen although her loving too darn sweet, She’s still my favorite treat. I enjoy her lovin’, My guilty pleasure, Constantly before I sleep. Father, I ask please send me that Queen, That’s the kind of Queen I need!

I wanna keep me on a big ol’ Koolade smile whenever my Sugar baby’s right there. Always and forever tell Mama her Sugar Daddy loves her dear. And just like biting into that Peppermint patty get that cool sensation in the air every time she’s near. I could grin from ear to ear and show her how her sweetness how no other could ever compare! See, That’s that kind of Queen I need and she’s out there somewhere.

But real talk, I want me that Queen who’s not with all that rah rah and bull. Playing games, Not insecure but fully secure with who she is and acts mature. Sexy yes, And a sweetheart none the less but it’ll be her honesty and realness that’s the true allure. And Father if you send her to me, I’m certain my love for her through it all will forever endure. Indeed that’s the Queen I need next to this King for sure! — feeling optimistic.

– Author: Derrick Williams

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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