Why Black Man Cry in the Dark? – Eulogy

“It’s no secret that we all cry in the dark

When I came out of your womb and realized I was alive, I cried

When I was a child, I cried because I knew that your energy of love soundlessly sang to me

I cried in your arms, because of your safety and ease

I cried in your arms because of your indescribable frequencies of attention

I cried because a new world was ready for me and I was not

I cried because they said countless times that they love me, but the outcome showed otherwise

I still cry because your love is true and pure

I cry because I’m a human being, and there’s nothing weak about it

I cry because I’m a strong surviving black man

I cry because I’m alive and I can feel your presences

I do cry in the dark

I cry because I’m not a fucking weak pussy, I cry because I’m a man

I cry in the dark to conquer my fears

I cry because now I finally found real love, the love you always intended me to have

I cry because we are one and we no longer alone

I cry because I love you.

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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