When Everything in Life Falls Apart

It is normal that in your lifetime multiple things will fall apart. The question is, will you be able to bounce back, get up, and fight harder?

If you lived long enough in this Earth, you have witnessed that there will be moments in your life that everything will fall apart. This does not mean that your life have ended, as we learn nothing last forever. These events are just a temporary set back. Your life current events just keep spinning out of control, falling down into a hopeless dark hole, with thunder storms distracting you.

Yes, we have lost full control to everything that we thought we had control of. What are we going to do now? We can scream, cry, be belligerent, be in rage and much more, but you still lost control. The problem is not resolved, yet.

This is the moment when you just sit back, relax at your home in your personal sanctuary a place of peace. Communicate with your higher self and dig deep for on your strengths, come to the realization that you still alive and begin to attack your problems.

Elevate the your mind and think positive write your solutions on a paper and act by ambushing those problems. Admit to yourself that you will take full responsibility and say: “This is the fucking moment when everything in my life is falling apart. Yet I’m still standing tall.”

What do you do in these type of situations? Should you give up, surrender, remain shocked? Should you feel petty for yourself and fall. Hide in a corner and say “POOR ME!” – No!!!! Self-pity will slow you down.

The best advice we can offer for this particular situation is to tackle that problem head one. Face you demons and fears with that inner God rage birth right. Find the source of the problems, do not show fear to the evil spirits, because if you do they will eat alive.

Embrace all the good energy you have for the long fight look at as an adventure. When everything falls apart understand that the recovery time is slow..so practice patience, humility, and regain your pride. This affiction is a marathon a long journey that can improve or destroy you. 

We need to welcome these times to be grateful and humble. We must refresh ourselves from negative energy and thoughts, for there are more battles to come. We must remind ourselves that things will work-out and nothing last forever. We must keep our minds progressively charged and gradually concentrate on our jobs, studies, relationships, family, and our creator.

Reflect what you studied from your past mistakes but do not dwell on them. If you do this can set you back and drown in you in your own sorrows of disappointments and destruction.

Surrendering now will only guide you to the road of depression, fear, and sickness. Be updated on good energies, positive news, self-educatio, let your inner rage escape but use this power this life force to get things done and completed in a peaceful manner.

Remember black folks we are only humans and we would not accomplish centuries of slavery without our souls and the love from our ancestors. They all live with us.

To finalize everything the number one reason why things happen the way they happen is because the laws of this unexplainable universe un which is so explosively complicated, brutal and unforgiving. The study of Murphy’s Laws it clearly states,

If anything can go wrong, it will, as in We may think we’ve covered all the details for the benefit, but remember Murphy’s law. The identity of Murphy, if ever a real person, is unknown. Some think it alludes to (but was not invented by) a feckless Irishman named Murphy. [c. 1940]”

“Anything that is about to happen will happen.” In other words if you don’t have an umbrella and is raining crazy outside, don’t run away from the rain, instead confront it. Embrace this downfall moment and once the time is right dry your agonies, bondage, struggles, and pain away and keep reaching your checkpoints of accomplishment conquer your dreams and goals.

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

4 Comments on “When Everything in Life Falls Apart

  1. Having read this I thought it was really enlightening. I appreciate you taking
    the time and effort to put this content together.
    I once again finbd myself personally spending a significant amount
    of time both reading and commenting. But soo what, it was still worth


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