Prayer to the Spirit of the Earth

I pray today to you Mother of the Earth for peace and calmness
You are the maker and taker of all life
Like the moon you help us sleep with your sweet vague light
The core of the Earth is your heart, giving us rotation and gravity to walk and work

Spirit of the Earth you you have given us abundant life

Spirit of the Earth you are our mother of birth, life and death
It’s a life cycle that never ends
From a seed we are born, to a plant we grow-up, to a flower that blooms
Eventually we die and give back all the nutrients back to the Earth for it is needed
You hold the key equilibrium to life
You understand extinction and the new birth of new life and species
You are the only one who knows that were week human body limitations are
You are the Energy that interact with our Sun the nearest start for guidance
Both of you share frequencies and heat waves to keep us warm and more importantly give us life
Spirit of the Earth
Humanity asks for your forgiveness
For we know what we do, and we don’t give a fuck for it
For centuries our species have done wrong to this environment
We suck your black blood and pollute other areas with it
We dig for you black powder for record profits and comfort
We kill our source of oxygen for space to pollute the lands for agriculture
For give us Spirit of the Earth

That is why I pray for you Spirit of the Earth

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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