My Father | By Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

I Love You My Father

Thank you for your strong hands and heated breath of life

You have lifted me up from the dirt and molded me into a man I’m today

Every night I look at myself in the mirror and I see you

Every day, I see you through my eyes

Your wide nostrils

I see your smile

You always live within me

I don’t remember you

I never physically seen

But, you always guiding me

I see your face within me

Whispers telling me its going to be okay

Father I miss you

You are my declaration that gives me life

You allowed me to experience the rain, wind and the Earth

Because of you, I now breath  

Because of you, I work and I’m a success

Because of you, I have conquered goals will continue to conquer them

I love you

You are everywhere now

You have reincarnated yourself into multiple living organisms from this Earth

Just to see, guide, and protect me

You have always been distance since my first light

But you always been near

You are a protector

I love you father

I miss you father

I thank you father

I’m grateful to you my father

I honor you

You will always be with me like a distant star just like the Sun,

But you my father always giving me light with life from within.

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