“I Can’t Breathe” – by Ebony Delaney

I can’t breathe for your hate stifles me…
Marred by your anger, scared by your bigotry.
For generations the stench of injustice that I’ve been forced to inhale.
How long oh Lord, must I endure this constant hell?
From the scorched lands of my ancestors to the bountiful shores of this place,
Racial intolerance has haunted me and stolen the grace from my pace.
So much progress yet so little ground gained.
Injustice is always near; it wears so many names.
I’ve witnessed the disgrace, the travesties of the so-called truth.
I’ve chocked on the stench of lies as my ancestors the white man’s nose.
I can’t breathe, no breath can I take.
Will I forever be degraded? Is my skin God’s mistake? 
-Brotherhood of Sincerity

Written by, Ebony Delaney

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