Riding the Waves of Hardship

Do you sometimes wake up asking why your life is so hard? Why life so darn difficult for you right now? Do you wake up depressed, lonely in your struggles, thoughts, and a prisoner in your problems? Do you feel overwhelmed? The day has not even started, yet you feel whipped out and defeated? The reality is that these waves of problems will never stop coming, wave-after-wave will torment your progress. You cannot ever stop these waves from coming at you, life will determine the force and brutality of these waves. You can pray, cry, scream, or hide, but there’s no escape

Well, you can stop these waves by confronting it head-on. Yes, face your problems without fear and create a blueprint or a timeline on how you will survive. This is the only way and by doing so this will only make you stronger. You must learn how to ride the wave of depression, financial hardships, or health challenges.

These 3 possible solutions can help you face your hardships:

  1. Don’t face your hardship alone: This can be the worst mistake you can ever make. There is so much don’t face your problems alone for this can be the worst mistake you can ever make.  Accept your hardship, use the energy and resources available to you. Do not exhaust your goods look for family, friends and loved ones to support you. Enjoy their company and bond together to strengthen your energy. A simple conversation can open new ideas and strategies to fix your problem faster
  • Avoid Blaming others: This can be the strategy will help you stay focused on the goals you need to accomplish. Use this resource to correct and changed the situation, rather than waiting for you good energy on unproductive things. Be willing to help your loved ones by taking over the roles and duties. That good energy will bounce back and reward you in return. Control your anger by finding positive ways to deal with it. It can be music, sex, work, community service, exercise.
  • Reduce Stress: Drugs, alcohol, and sleep are not ways the best methods during hardships. Balance your party life and control your entertainment. But do not let these chemicals overcome you, use them to your advantage for relaxation, not a way to feel normal. Be explicit about your feelings, particularly expressions of commitment and affection and praise. Practice patience, there is a need for conciliation.

Keep in mind by surviving these hardships you will be stronger and stand taller with more confidence. This means you will be ready to jump to the next level and accomplish many goals and help others who are in need.  Whatever life sends your way, just ask your creator for the strength to conquer your struggles. Ride the waves do not fear them and turn yourself away. Stay strong my brothas!

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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