Don’t say shit(Silence for your timing) – by Jazlynn ladylinkwell Montgomery

You didn’t think that I was seeing somebody
Didn’t think nobody noticed
Thought you could play Johnny Appleseed
Come back to me and get focused
I ain’t seeing nobody exclusively
Got a few prospects out there but for right now I’m dating Me
You hit me with like don’t you miss the D?
Well I mean……I
Got a vibrator that makes me climb ceilings
Don’t have to worry about it stepping out and leaving me with mixed feelings
Pay bills by my lonesome
Eat by myself and don’t have to worry about somebody that I have to ask do you want some?
So don’t say a little
Don’t say shit
Leave it broken
Don’t need a quick fix
I’m being celibate
So let’s celebrate
For all them boys who got the deuces and the too lates
Nobody got time to being sharing a life with somebody so uncertain
Extra hours at the job is worth it
Long as my pocket don’t be hurting
That’s the only thing for me I want that’s certain
Can’t speak for us because right now that ain’t an option
I’m busy, that’s where I’ve been hiding
Time out for your bullshit
And silence for your timing

Author: Jazlynn ladylinkwell Montgomery

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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