Black Man Respective on Sexual Fetishism

A Fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a, object, item of clothing or part of the body etc. A Fetishist may use one or more objects as part of sexual acts that they undertake on their own with a partner. Fetishism is a worship of an inanimate object for its sexual gratification.

Aversion therapy has been practiced since 1932 and has proposed controversy ever since. Aversion therapy is when a patient gives up a habit by causing them to associate the habit with an unpleasant effect. An example of Aversion therapy is for example to kick the habit of masturbation a foul smell is used when a patient is stimulated by its fetish in order to associate a bad memory. In treating a pedophile, one would use a tormenting image alongside an image of a child which would normally arouse a pedophile. This therapy has been proven to be very effective however others may have an issue with some of the techniques used for this therapy.

I once watched a movie (by Stephen King) in which a man wanted to quit smoking and every time he smoked or attempted to smoke, one of his loved ones was harmed, for instance him smoking resulted in his wife’s fingers being amputated. I doubt is practiced are this extreme in today’s time, but it is a classic example of aversion therapy, which ties in with classical conditioning.

There are several fetishes out here in which are primarily found in men starting at the dawn of puberty .Although having a fetish isn’t a horrible thing, it can become problematic for a person and within his relationship if that inanimate object such as sexy underwear, high heeled shoes, feet, and hair is required for stimulation and gratification. Once one’s fetish has grown to such magnitude it then becomes fetishism or the person is a fetishist; and at that point treatment may need to be sought out.

Until reading this chapter and reading a few articles about fetish I never knew this could be recognized as an issue. I also know Pedophilia exist, but not once have it occurred to me as a fetish which now makes sense. I don’t disagree with Aversion therapy in situations like this at all especially when it involves pedophilia and perhaps some other demeaning fetishes.

I’ll take a personal fetish such as stiletto high heels, I’ve always admired a woman that was able to successfully walk in them, but it never occurred to me as being a fetish, however its not a need for me to be aroused but it definitely stimulates me at this sight.

I would also agree that men are more prone to fetishes, but it doesn’t eliminate women from sharing personal fetishes as well. I also learned that fetishes or fetishism can be brought about through the lack there of, such as confidence and the ability to maintain a steady arousal.

The most common fetishes are feet, hair, body fluid, body size, leather, underwear, footwear and leather just to name a few. As I mentioned having a fetish is not a disorder unless it becomes long lasting and causes distress, either with an individual and within a relationship.

Some common issues with fetishes that one should be cognizant of is that some fetishes depending on the fetish could also be dangerous, for instance in some bondage situations this fetish know as erotic asphyxiation can lead to death. Between 62-156 people in America die each year from autoerotic deaths. I personally have no say over what stimulates or arouse a person but in cases as this I believe it has brown past a point of a fetish and this is when Aversion therapy can be useful even using the images of autoerotic deaths as a form of this therapy.

Fetishistic disorders fluctuate in intensity and frequency of urges or behavior over the course of an individual’s life. At this point long term treatment is suggested, with some medications that decrease arousal and testosterone levels such as antiandrogens. This helps reduce the desire of sex and allows for the patient to focus on the treatment clearer. The treatments are harmless according to DSM but should only be treated when a fetish or fetishes care problematic for everyday life. DSM also states that these medications are found effective if combined with a behavioral therapy however test results reports inconclusive. A form of behavior therapy that has been used is orgasm reconditioning and it’s a treatment that is aimed to alter the deviant sexual preferences individuals that may be fetishist such as those who may be pedophiles, child molesters, and these therapy has also been modified to alter homosexual behavior. Other medications are included for treatment would be anti-depressants, anti-anxiety which are SSRI’s and other hormonal therapies.

Written by, Tino

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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