My Black King a Moment of Peace

I cannot sleep…
For these nights I long for your strong arms
This has been too long
Since I went to sleep
Restless in my agony
These demons of loneliness hold me in captivity
In the abyss of darkness, I can see
My Black King you are the light that is far but so near
So, please come back to me
My Black King……
I cannot sleep without you in my arms to hold me
To keep me warm our of fear
To tell me that everything will be okay and back to normal like is used to be
Just you and me
I cannot sleep unless you are laying by me
This is more truthful than ever
Now, I realized that every night you have been apart from me
I’m counting the days
Listening to the human clock saying tick, tick, tick, tock…
Looking at the ceiling reminiscing our new future
You will be back to me
I will use the secret oils
That will heal and massage our love
This will give you comfort
when you come back and be next to me
that is when I will finally be
reunited with you
Peacefully asleep

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