Perfect First Date | Poem | By Van Meadows

“Black Love is real and not overrated “

See the perfect first date
Ends with a smile on your face and I hate
Hate the fact that we stress
Stress over hoping we don’t make a mess
But rather make a good first impression
Hoping we remember to mention
All of our likes and dislikes and be remarkable
In an awkward and uncomfortable
Moment of fear
Palms sweaty holding that which is dear
Our integrity of trying to be real
When past hurts stunted our ability to heal
As we sip our wine
My white and your red conversing through time
Comparing notes of each other
As our eyes lock onto one another
We breathe and exhale how good this moment is
A poetic flow and journey of our date is
The ebb and flow of life’s journey
All put of the table of this first date and maybe
A stroll along in the moonlight air
As we continue to wordplay life seems so fair
The admiration of each other’s thoughts
Vocalized and verbalized while symbolized body language keeps taking shots
Not shots of alcohol but shots of imagery
Reserved for fond memory
Of a time when we had the perfect first date
And when we yield that love of undying devotion I just can’t wait

Author: Van Meados

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

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