Why are many in the Black Community who are Forgiving During the #BlackLivesMatter ERA?

Botham Jean, 26, is pictured in an undated photo from the Botham Jean Foundation, which was established after his September 2018 death at the hands of an off-duty Dallas police officer. The former officer, Amber Guyger, was found guilty of murder.

This quote from a young man sums it up best for me: “Black people forgiving white racists or all racist is really more about trying to prove our humanity to them.”

We have nothing to prove to these people. These are the #same people who wouldn’t forgive President Obama for wearing a beige suit. They are the same ones who want Colin Kaepernick dead for fighting for justice, including Amber Guyger who posted about CK on her social media.

And yet we forgive them for murdering our sons and daughters, our innocent children that we carry in our wombs? What nonsense is this? Where was their compassion for Trayvon Martin? They believed Zimmerman was right to kill this beautiful young soul. What about 12 year old Tamir Rice? They believe the officer did what was right because he felt “threatened.”

What about the poor black mother who put her kids in a good school and got 5 years in prison? They believe she deserved it because she ‘broke the law’. What about the poor children on the border who are being separated from their parents on the border? They believe these parents should be separated because it’s “illegal” to cross the border (which it is not because our constitution allows victims to seek asylum).

See the pattern here? I can not control what’s in a person’s heart. I cannot stop one from feeling the need to forgive but I believe more than anything, that this comes from a #misguided view based on what we’ve been taught
(#slaveconditioning) rather than it coming from heart space.

When I hear people say “I had to forgive” that tells me it comes from a place of force because when you truly forgive you don’t feel like it’s something you had to do but rather, wanted to do.

Furthermore, yes forgiveness is individual but it’s also bigger than just you when others are involved. So while you may personally forgive easily, others need time to process it so these public displays of forgiveness from black people actually hurts more than it heals, especially considering all that these people have done to us in this country.

It’s okay to personally forgive if you want, but it’s good to be mindful of those that you’ve involved and who have invested their emotions, their time into finding justice for your family. In a sense, it’s selfish in my opinion not to do so.

So while you are worrying about showing white people your humanity, you are hurting the ones who fought for you and that is selfish.

Botham’s brother is still growing so I give him the benefit of the doubt but for these adults who do this, that is who this message is for. Be mindful of your people. Be mindful of those you have involved. Now the white media is covering his forgiveness speech and the Amber Guyger support group is sharing this #more than they are the victim himself. It shouldn’t be this way and my people have to do better.

I said what I said and I really don’t want to hear any defense of forgiving unrepentant racists.
– S. Sparks (Gently edited)

I’m trying to save black people’s bodies and racist people’s souls.- MLK

Period. There is no defense of the indefensible and our ancestors would not applaud it. We refuse to disrespect the sacrifices made that have yet to fully manifest equal treatment under the law.

Written by: Black Table Talk

-Brotherhood of Sincerity

2 Comments on “Why are many in the Black Community who are Forgiving During the #BlackLivesMatter ERA?

  1. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every day. It’s always exciting to read through articles from other authors and practice something from their websites.


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