Phase2Phase | By James McMillon

I am the mute! a deaf to all ears?
Hmmm…?the ahh… in what a way
A way of Life. Metaphors are presentations that’s of usefulness to the observational casting
I am, say to say to the non existent in no mans land this day in age
church it wrong I dare it!… not to me? My thoughts were already Made from the thought of think
Dimensions are to dementia
Just rephrasing topics while irunon sentences
Simply and plain, an ageless angel passing through this patternized hell of flames
Earth is the game I maze but the chosen choice of the escaped reality sometimes I’ve gotta sync the chip in to the additional staging to game-plan the extra days

So was all in the mind, the school of thoughts encounters on ideas that were fought
Intuitively unlocking new advances to the connectivity of the overly enhancements
Spiritual statements that was! in the thought of time that was never lost

Dementia was to the mind,it was the escape
Now through to the phase,where that insane complacency apparent appearances Made us logically the same so
you should see me too that way
And That cycle of the rope
Known you know of the fly holding on to it to cope, but you want set flight or take off your cape
Cmon Parachute the other side safely on the elevation on the up and away when the spirit man waves

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