You Say You Want To Love | by – Jazlynn Jazlynn ladylinkwell Montgomery

You say you want love but it leaves and ends up in a nut rag
Then you become mad
Because what you want was never what you had
Blaming the world for being confused when you couldn’t make up your mind
You was comfortable with crossing lines
Then came back talking about you ready to be mine
Why is the greatness of a man preserved in Mason jars never to be opened?
I was hoping that you would give me access ,not because of mere interest but because I saw you before you even got undressed
I saw the dark side that curled up in corners when the world was on your heels
When do black men heal?
Do they heal before the trigger or in closets while wearing a noose?
Breathe babies you don’t need an excuse
I let my baby cry when he was a baby
Top of the lungs, not too crazy
Because I knew that would be the only time a black boy could be seen crying without his sexuality or masculinity being called into question
twisted world may we have permission to stand in the middle of the ocean and wash ourselves in our ancestors?
So that we can tap into that voodoo, that witchcraft that you swear is evil but yet has us more closer to God then you think

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