Lesson Learned | Jazlynn Jazlynn ladylinkwell Montgomery

Hurting me was never in your plans
God laughs at the plans of man
What we fail to understand
We can rebuild even we think we can’t
You loved me in places I never knew existed
Intelligent and divinley gifted
My soul was lifted
So vanity could never be associated with your name
You got me this far so I can’t complain
Even though we wasn’t meant to be
Somehow I know you will always have a seat in my life even if it’s not right by me
Heartache is a game that I don’t like to play because we loved each other unlike anyone else
I think you came to take the anxiety off of me, you loved me when I didn’t quite love myself
Precious, your saturated in everything that I love and hate
You held me up and held me down
Made it hard to get through my day
You bound me up when I didn’t want to face my ugly truths
Stood behind me as I stood in the mirror
Force me to look at my present
And realize from here things will get much better

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