Our future…gone

Our future is being removed
Young men and women murdered
Yet the murdered cry out for justice
A justice that may not be delivered

Just a hug and a bible given

Trayvon Martin was the first known
Murdered by a so called neighborhood watch
Jordan Davis was another
Shot because of the music playing

Tamir Rice a little one playing on his on
12 seconds later, his body lay cold
Renisha McBride, trying to ask for help
2 barrels to the chest was the help she received

Walter Scott stopped for a light
Shot in the back, a gun planted
Philando Castile, a legal gun owner
Shot in front of his family while complying

Botham Jean sitting in his home
Shot by a cop supposedly by mistake
Only 10 years did she receive
With a hug and a bible to keep her company

Now a young woman playing video games
Shot in her house investigating a noise
4 seconds between command and shot
All because a neighbor was concerned

And did the right thing


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