Race Card Philosophy

What is one way that the structures of either capitalism or social hierarchies have negatively impacted your interactions with both other people and the nonhuman natural world, which you may not have thought about or even realized before? (For example: how class, gender, racial or other social identities, like being a student, a son/daughter, etc., have shaped your interactions) Do you think that the spiritual/moral changes of deep ecology could have any influence (significant or otherwise) on altering these interactions?
Before I commence to my experience by no means have I ever believed in the “race card” I’ve always viewed our hierarchy through a scope of openness and have worked extra hard to defy the reasons of something not going as planned was because of my race with that being said one of the ways that capitalism has negatively impacted my interactions with people via race as a black man has been through under estimation. I have experienced in one instance being the only black male working in a predominantly white employer where I was accused of stealing simply because I was new and most but not all of my colleagues have previously known each other. There was an instance where I and my white counter part was responsible for overseeing funds. Although I was the newest on the team me and my counter part both was new to the role we had been asked to perform. An exceptional amount of money came up missing and I was first to be blamed without my immediate supervisor doing a proper investigation that is required when such even takes place. My white counterpart was never considered. The back history of my counter part not only was he a white man, but he was also an in-law of my immediate supervisor who had been with the company for decades. I was terminated due to the allegations without an investigation being performed or an explanation in defense. Four days after my termination I was asked to return due to a letter I had written the general manager advising him not only was I wrongfully terminated but an investigation was not conducted, myself and counter part was both asked to report to a meeting where cameras was ran and it clearly showed him pocketing the funds and I was nowhere to be seen in the footage because at the time it happened I was on break, When I asked the supervisor why wasn’t I given the opportunity to speak on my behalf I was deliberately told that I was the first person that had worked for this employer in years that “looked like me” and that he had trust issues in the past from “folks that look like myself” and automatically assumed I had done it and that his in-law would have been the last person he would suspect. Long story short I was offered my position back in which I had declined, but the counterpart was terminated, and the supervisor was not only written up but was also demoted as well. I do feel if deep ecology had a moral make over or had been built with a certain morale this may or may not have happened; I also feel that if the company itself had a greater morale standard for those that they employ this experience would not have happened. Being that this was my first and only experience. I still refuse to play the blame game because we all are responsible for our actions how we feel and treat others.

Written by: Tino

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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