We Can’t Be Lovers— Therefore We Can’t Be Friends

We had some good times together
And we went through some stormy weathers
There were times that made us bitter and not better
We would pop at each other like a Biretta
My goodness we had the same kind of bliss as doves
Calling you my one true love
My rock when times get tough
You called me your sexy bit of rough
And that you couldn’t get enough
Even when I huffed and puffed
And get pissed off over dumb stuff
You still showed me love
Let’s not forget our sex was off the chain!
The way you was giving it to me blew my brain
Your bedroom game was insane
I can assure you that you’re no plain Jane
We would be play-fighting under the covers
Going at it like a pair of star-crossed lovers
Calling me the TTP— tell that one to Usher
I wanted you as a wife and not as a baby mother
We went from the hood to having it real good
So loved up and understood
Then our relationship took a turn
A turn that gave us a right burn
It was a turn for the worse
Very brief and to the point— call it terse
Painful like a sad poetic verse
We fell out of love and adoration
Gone was the loving and the heartfelt sensation
It was like the love was never there
And neither one of us seemed to care
11 years is something you can’t reimburse
It’s like somebody threw on a curse
I suppose this is how the story ends
Please don’t ever ask for us to be friends
To have invested 11 years into us
Only to have nothing left of us
I wanted to be your lover— your Prince
And eventually your King
Your Emperor if you know what I mean
I suppose there’s no point in going round the bend
As I’m here sipping my Nescafé Gold Blend
After this piece that I’ve just penned
If we can’t be lovers anymore…


Copyright © 2019 René Olivierre all rights reserved. Written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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