Footing the Bill |By: Jazlynn ladylinkwell Montgomery

Depression is like Georgia Power
Don’t matter what the fuck is going on
Lights are getting cut off
Can I get an extension?
So that I can have happiness
At this point I’m not concerned with or about the cost
All I know is the lost
The lost feelings of who I use to be and what I use to enjoy
Now hobbies consist of being bed bound
Snacking on almond joys
Watching my phone ring and not answering it because I don’t know what to say
Afraid to talk to people because sometimes they don’t have the right shit to say
Why you distant?
Snap out of that shit
Don’t you think I would if I could
Depression like people is one inconsiderate son of a bitch
I can’t shake this off
We talking mental health
Not tree leaves
This is the coping mechanism
For something that comes and goes as it please
So refrain from saying “crazy” or “weird”
And to be perfectly clear
we don’t choose this shit
It’s just staying here
Taking up space
Keeping you away from people who love you back
Not sure of oneself, wanting to fade into black
Wanting to explain it but, there are no words that can explain that
Which is tap dancing in your head
Keeping you in your bed
Tearing you to shreds
All the while trying to function in the world like a normal person
With or without meds
So forgive me for feeling shit to the tenth power
Just because I don’t have all the answers
Don’t mean I don’t stand strong like a tower

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