My love 4 Granted?

I rather be alone before you decide to play me and my feelings
I’m fragile but I know eventually you will take my love for granted
I got trust issues
So here I lay down my thoughts upon this paper alone with my tears
Trying to communicate but I rather put it in a song so you can feel my passion I have developed for you
Listen as this song give you reasons… reasons to never fuck with my feelings because I’m the type to love beyond the clouds
So if you going to play with my feelings… just let me be alone
I just want the chemistry with a mixture of you and I
I asked God for a blessing of a guy and he sent you so please love me for me as I will love you with eternity of consistent because here I lay my all on this song called: Fragile of A-Hava
– Ahava ©️®️♏️-

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