I Want To Be That Thought | By Van Meadows

I want to be that thought
That thought that makes you smile
Smile so hard that you can’t explain
Explain why your voice quivers
Quivers at mentioning my name
A name you say so softly internally
That internally your senses erupt
Erupt with a significant amount of happiness

A happiness that is an added component to
To your already happy state
State your minds awareness in awe of just me
A me that has been battle tested and I’m ready
Ready to make love to your mind body and soul
Soul to soul and mind to mind with body to body
Body shaking because just the mere thought of me is pleasurable
Pleasurable enough to give you the most warmest sensations

Sensations that you have been dreaming
Only dreaming of the manifestation that you crave
Crave the scent of me crave the touch of me
Me I only try to be ready to embrace
Embrace the significance of your thoughts
Thoughts with your matching energy that’s radiates through me
Me I want to hear you breathe laying next to me

Me understand your emotions that change daily
Daily because I want to grow to love more and more
More than the day or night before
Before the sun rises and the sun sets
Sets upon an everlasting love that can’t me matched
Matched by trials and tribulations
Tribulations that forged our hearts to beat as one

One moment in time for a lifetime and I
I want to be that thought
A thought that transcends the universe
As you n I verse
Verse with the heavens and the earth
The earth tells our love story
A story of epic proportions and I
I just want to irst
First everything first anything first you and I thing
Things that change lives is this thing called love

Love has its way of reminding you that at first sight it
It was just a thought and I
I want to be that thought

From the mind of Poet & Author: Van Meadows

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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