Palm Tree Passion

Once more you’re gone again in the blistering hot desert wind and I’m in this ineffectual mood and its taking my heart to that way deep down inside of your loving feeling where I don’t want to ever let go of you or find myself being alone in the Arabian sunshine without your love’s aura of heightened desire

It’s called missing all of your honey and if I had to ask you, what makes your extremely deep sugar laden love touch me in the way it inexplicably does?

I know you’d just simply say, I’m just being me and since you’re on my mind, do you want some more of my self-evident and inescapable waterfalls fire?

My speculative obsessive flame is hotter than these palm trees in the deserts of Dubai and my ocean of love is deeper than the Pacific oceans floor, far too much for you to swim through just because

Now I’m saying to myself I’ve got to find the reasons for me feeling the way I do about you so that I can keep you satisfied and pre-occupied

And etch them in the pillars of pleasure within my mind so I’ll never, for anyone else have a change of heart

Because I would rather use the grasp of my ease comforting hands to hold your smiles soft face affectionately still until I deeply kiss the buoyancy of those wandering whispering lips of yours until you’re contently satisfied

While staring at the acute overt emotions inside of your overbearing eyes behind your sunglasses that’s having me wondering about all your other worldly secrets inasmuch, I’d have you confide

I can keep you satisfied if you forever let me without perversity

Just think of the sensual ride that your heart’s palm tree passion would take every night to the ecstasy of sleep

Only to have awakened to a massage in a warm shower covered in a cluster of clear perfumed bubbles and purposeful kisses all over your slippery pleasing heart with fervency

Because you are the exception to the rule desert Queen worthy of my wind of whispers to your heart, so wonderful, so special and that I want you to keep

I can keep you satisfied simply because there’s something about you that only I can compulsively adore

I’ll be there for you to share a pleasant faith and trust always endlessly when no one else will

You’ll never have to tell me something good tomorrow, because I’ll always be there with you the day before

To give you all that I have and beyond more, for as long as you need it until

I’ll have you so ticklishly happy and content, you’ll be smiling dimples in your dreams

I’ll give you an undivided attention unlike any other you’ve ever experienced when you thought you were deeply in love

I’ll kiss you in front of the world and have the perfect hairdresser give you a style to turns other men’s heads sideways in envy

I’ll have the particulars of your curvaceously sculptured soul manicured to your extreme satisfaction

I’ll perfume, sprinkle touch massage and love lotion the self-image of your dignity in such a way that when you walk anywhere in this world and other men take a deep breath of you as you walk on by them, they’ll exhale their untold clancular fantasies out loud

And when you fashionably dress up, completely unique and an anomaly to model, to say the least

I can keep you satisfied just by intently listening to every beat of your heart’s thoughts

Hold you here and touch you there at your moments desire in between every intermittent need

Give your every complex and demanding wish a comfortable place to start

But what would you give me in return for this unconditional benevolence of subservient loving care for your heart of melliloquent love?

What would you really do?


© 2019 Darrell Godbold

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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