Your Darkness Will Never Defeat Me | By Rebecca Johnson

You never have/had a real nigga like me that loves/loved you. Your darkness runs deep, and you are hurting me bad. Yet my love for you is fading slowly into the abyss.  Your want love and you ask for it, but you are afraid when is real. You run away from it! Why Nigga? Why?

You having/had evil niggas with intentions to hurt you. Why is that!? I will never be that person, because I’m a human being.

I fucking respect you, love you, and I always be there 110%. Why you had to dive deep into the abyss of darkness? I hate felling this agony, I hurt, and I cry more than all the rivers this Earth. Their stream is smooth and full of life, on a contrary, my rivers of tears slowly dryung and will no longer sustain life.

I hate feeling this pain, I hurt for not getting your ultimate affection, I hurt when you intentionally push yourself way from me. Why are you so distant?  I hate it!

But I rather be alone than to be in a continuous pain, even though, I will be alone.

I will always love you and respect you. But dam nigga!!! You have disrespected me, and it is enough. You do what you want to do, for I can never tell you what to do. You always have been free with me. Free to fly and grow with me. I cannot control anyone, for anyone cannot control anyone. I just wan to live in peace and comforted where people can see that I’m a good human being.

Why your darkness runs deep? As always, the journey to the abyss will be familiar, but it will never defeat me. 

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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