Watch Me | Written by, Mutu Maa Kheru Ani

Watch me
And navigate my way through the fog of the hate
And, get paid
A decent thought fo the day is ta pray
And don’t play
Bridle the rage and keep yo eye open
Remain steadfast and focused
Becauze nothin is eva broken
When you try your neva hopeless
Now, you should know this
97% of the people you will meet
Bear the mark of the beast
The devil will alwayz come in the appearance of peace
But, yo Spirit will reveal the sharp teeth of deceit
When yo back is turnt they conteplate yo defeat
So, what’choo gone do?
We elect ta come through
Like unto an arrow of pure light peircin the night
Shinin bright
Yep! – that’z right.

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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