I’m A Good Black Man | By Van Meadows

You spent your whole life trying to prepare for an individual like me
While I was used and abused see
Cause I’m a good black man
What made others think they can play with my heart
Lies from the very start
Then comes you a good woman
I spent my whole life preparing just to be a man

Wrapped in a skin tone
That’s not of the popular variety has my mind blown
I’m a provider yes
What do you provide for me that’s better than the rest
Vaginas are everywhere even a side piece
And I do need you to be my peace
Make up no make up

Sweats and a hoodie hold up
Ma is that you spent your whole life thinking you not good enough
While I just try to be tough
A young project kid
So what I got degrees and did a two hour bid
I’m not sure what you want from a broken me
I’ve always had more than just potential
I go out everyday to be influential

To my children that don’t see the scars
Just dad taking care of them from near and far
Holding onto visionaries dreams
Just so I can make a difference so it seems
I just don’t know how to prepare for you
My wounds are cut deep and yeah it’s true
I’m everything you hoped I would be
But this is not an ordinary journey
Are you ready to be my masked vigilante
Seeking justice hiding behind your true identity

Cause mine was torn like the holy veil
I’ll try this time not to bail. Cause I’m a good Black Man

By, Van Meadows

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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