When the Sun Rises Again | By Brotherhood of Sincerity

I Feel, try to heal, and accepted the loneliness. Accepted the tears, the emptiness, abandonment, the void inside of me. Accept that life isn’t the garden of roses, the fruitful family fellowships, and the love of a Father or Mother. I feel I were taught it would be as a child.

I accepted that pain is a part of my existence, and to exist is to feel; feel love, joy, happiness, and sadness, grief, pain.

The feelings will stop being so scary, because I don’t run way from my curse. The monsters in the darkness of loneliness always wins. Eating my Sun Light whenever it gets a chance. It fades way, it will melt my kindness away, because I know if I stop running, these monsters can no longer scare me. Daily I fight with the spirits of my ancestors just to reclaim my mind, and start living……..living another day when the Sun rises again.

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