I’ve Always Contemplated This Love with You | Darrell Gold

I’ve Always Contemplated This Love with You

Come closer to me please, no that’s not close enough sugar love and you don’t have to be shy, afraid or be concerned with skepticism, come get even closer to me

I’ve got something about the essence of love that I want you to feel and share with me for just a moment and have you too, with a virtual reality see

Oh yes, here I am all alone pondering in a quantum of solace and I’m sitting against the corner of this soft plush red rose velvet love seat

And I want you to lean back against my heartbeat, then close your eyes and feel the temptations of need pulsating with clangor and then relax the temple of your lovely face that belongs to your mind cozily next to mine, so that this ever and again circumstance feels complete

You see, I’ve always contemplated this love with you

Day after day, night after night

Because it doesn’t take long after our heart’s have been apart for any length of time for me to whisper to my mind that I miss you, through and through

Inside and out, especially when holding onto deep breaths of you throughout the night in between the cuddling pillow talk, trying to enchant you into opening your heart so that some salivating kisses can take flight

Oh, how with certain things on my made-up mind, I’ve always contemplated this love with you

Feeling it as if while lying in the warm summer sand on the beach together entwined as the crest of the cool ocean water waves splashes through us into a giggling thrill

Or while we’re walking in the December cold air and we suddenly stop walking to closely get inside of each other’s coats, then warm our lips with the kind of heartfelt kiss never seen before between two lovers without a care in the world as to who’s looking at us in public view

While the kisses love vapors have become a steamy fog aloft and the feeling is so tranquil

Yes, I’ve always contemplated this love with you

Irregardless of which way the winds of love have blown around misery

Because I want to feel the challenging mystique kiss of your immensely succulent lips and the touch of your dainty soft finger tips closing my lips stone shut so that I can hear your voice perfectly clear when you say the things to me that will drive my mind off course and feelings for you crazily insane

And your heart’s countenance has a way of using its wavelength telepathy through your enrapturing and timeless faces irresistible smile that sometimes just makes me want to cry a rain of love

And thirst for those tears falling from my eyes because I know that the flavor of your honey’s taste sensations would put my implicit and disguised emotions of you at ease

With quietude and reverie

While having me walking around stupent with the look of rapt intentions of kissing your bare infinitive heart on my face

Feeling only one mood, only one thought of breathing love spinning around with only you in tangent circles

Until now and then

And then start all over again

Because I’m someone that’s going to obsessively satisfy and invigorate your immediate needs and take care of you as if you were a glimmering Diamond, someone that’s unconditionally convergent who starves and thirsts just to be next to you

I’m also someone that will have you echoing his name when he’s in your rainforest trying to find his way out breathless

And nevertheless

I’ve always contemplated this love with you

Even before I ever saw your face for the very first time


© 2019 Darrell Godbold

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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