Black Poetry – “My Thoughts” | By De’Wayne Sawyer Jr.

I love you in a place where there no space or time
If ever we revert to cavemen and can’t communicate thru verbal means, then I’d pick fruit from the highest tree and watch you eat,
(got a piece of peach on your cheek),
relief that dreams of my almond colored queen, is actually,
mine, I wake to see sunshine spread across your body thru the blinds,
the hardships and times we’ll weather, whether storm winds or warms winds,
you watching the kids play as I fix the torn fence, never wanted more since,
Having you close,
our emotional growth,
the patterns we wove,
Holds the same love in the soul food you kept on the stove,
(Pass the hot sauce baby)
Say we,
reincarnate into variations of carnations, I’d sit in this bush in pain,
waitin’ for your owner to put you back on the window pane,
I’d feed the bees, just to have them deliver my seed, 95 Mary and Meth you’re all I need,
Looking forward to the day your breast hang to your knees,
and I’m full grey and my hairline recedes
No matter the difference in appearance,
I’ll love you till the day we become spirits, unconditional, a love that’s fearless
From the days that I was afraid to make a move,
till days at the diner I run to bathroom and without a saying a word, you order my favorite food
The ways you would watch my back, or days in the shower I would wash your back,
so much more than attached,
More like, Christmas lights, the way we’re tangled,
From neanderthal caves, to astral plane, whether two leaves on a vine, or children in an African tribe
I will love you….. In a place where there’s no space or time

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