Deep Depression in the Black Community | Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

There’s a reason for hope if you are depressed. When you in a deep depression stage you may not think that you deserve better or to feel better. So, this may take some of your life to recognize that you are not doing well to kind of push you to get up and get the help you need. But certainly, depression is treatable and curable.

I would not recommend medication, but if this is the best option and works for you, by all means do it. I rather recommend psychotherapy, as explained attacking the problem at its source directly and getting help is the first step in getting solutions.

We would recommend you evaluating yourself, ask a lot of questions, and take good note of your history for what led you into becoming depressed. Understanding the cause and to find out what is your depression. Many who are depressed feels alone in their own struggles something personal that no one else understand. People will look at you totally different and judge you by their body behavior and weird looks.

Depression in the black community is not very well diagnosed or given much attention to. From our history, employment, family loss, emotional support we are the ethic group that pay the ultimate price. That price ends up being suicide, alcoholism, trust, and just deep since of guilt and full of negative energies.  We need to pay close attention to this and scream for help. 

This feeling of being trapped alone in your own thoughts is not healthy and support from loved ones or your faith-based organizations is a start.

Never stop! Never give up!

You are not alone, many in this world is dealing with the similar or harder issues. Do not let depression win over you.  Depression is a sickness it’s a deep dark shadow that keeps following you were ever you go, just keeping you in bondage.  Fight it! Do not give up!  Ask for help and be around friends and the people you love and care for and will fight with you.

A since of hope and action is the best initiative you can do. Stay strong my brothers and sister. The world loves you and storm in front of you never last.

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