I’m sorry that I never got the chance to love on you as you wished
That night I was in agony of what he say she say and I stormed out the house only to clear my mind
I took a walk and ending up at a room to re-evaluate my actions towards you because I love you heavy
The things I said hit you deeply because you cried that night but I was too caught up in my own mind that your tears were just a puddle I laid a jacket on to walk over and exist out
The next morning I headed home to wrap your love around me
I entered our home only to see you laying on the floor with a gun in your hand and blood still leaking from your mind that I loved so easily
I yelled at myself only to cry the same tears I walked over from you
I held you closely with deep breaths and questioning my stupidity of how I let bullshit control our destiny
We vowed to love one another through sickness and health till death due us part
I grabbed the same gun that took you from my mistakes and pulled the trigger on myself
We were supposed to be a masterpiece but now we are two bodies that no longer breathing the same air because I couldn’t dare live on earth without the soul of you being my everything
I love you baby

Author: Ahava ©️®️-

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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