Running A Black Business Is Not As Easy as You Think | By Shatreja Bennett KingShatreja Bennett King

Running a business is not as glorious as people make it out to be. And there are times when it’s more work than play. That’s why it’s important to do something you love and will get gratification from.

Here’s a few questions I asked myself when first starting out. Definitely not a comprehensive list but it may help those who are on the fence or need a little push to get going.

First, jot down different ways you would make money from these ideas. Then think about what it would look like in a day if this was a business. Would you like to do this every single day? Would this make you happy? Will this fuel your energy to get up and do it everyday? How much money can you make from each business? How fast will you be able to scale each business? Will each business allow you to leave your 9-5? What is the lifestyle you want to have? Which business can help you get there? <—- Those are just a few questions to answer to help you decide which venture to pursue 💗.

Alternatively, when deciding which business to start, look into the supply and demand around you. What product or service is in HIGH DEMAND? What void will your business fill in your community? Do you find that a tax service business is in DEMAND? Is a home based business in demand? Keep in mind that the business you start does not have to be a full-time gig. You can start and run a business as a side hustle for extra income if that is your desire. Then scale it to a full-time venture.

Written by: Shatreja Bennett King

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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