The Black Man Perspective on Iran vs. US | By Ronnie Hbr Wilson

So let me help some of yall out in a language that yall can understand because alot of you are massively confused about the situation.

The USA and Iran have been at each others necks for decades. At least 5 when we over threw their leader. (Another story for another day)

That region has MASSIVE amounts of oil. Like we can’t even compare a little bit to the amount of oil they have. So the US is like I’m gon need some of that bruh. Matter of fact I’m gon get some of yall shit and then surround your area in particular with 27 US bases and I dare you to fuck with one of em. Iran says bro why the fuck yall even over here in this hemisphere tho? Leave us alone we don’t fuck wit yall at all. The US says nah playa… We not leaving without getting some of this oil tho. We got cars and shit. Yall be riding donkeys round this motherfucker we need it more than yall. Matter fact we gon put sanctions on yall that’ll cripple yall whole economy. And we gon put sanctions on ANYBODY that let yall eat. Iran says aight bet. You gon terrorize us? Well we gon terrorize yall. Iran does their terrorist thing for years, we clap back so on and so forth. Fast forward to 2015. Obama is like say this shit stupid.

We don’t like yall. Yall don’t like us. We don’t want war, Yall definitely don’t want this smoke. If some shit go down alot of people gon die. I don’t want that. So look here. We and Nato COULD just click up on yall and wipe yall off the earth like we did Saddam and Khadafi. But if yall sign this agreement promising to chill with ya lil nuclear weapon program, not attack Israel and not use terror attacks against us. Then we’ll lift some of these sanctions and give yall a few of the billion in cash that yall lost in this process? Cool? Iran says, that’s not even yall area and this some hoe ass shit cause yall got nukes but aight cool. Then here comes Trump 🤦🏾‍♂️. Fuck Iran. Fuck Obama AND that pussy ass deal he made wit yall. I run this bitch now and not only is that peace deal yall had with him over, we putting the sanctions back on and now the sanctions gon be stronger. So what’s up? Iran said that’s how you feel? Bet. And now here we are.

Written by: Ronnie Hbr Wilson

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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