IF ONLY – Manifest | Jeffery Sanders

If only
If only
If only
My impersonal
conception and
personal conception
are simultaneously
present in everything and
that there is no
I could dip within
The sip of this pool
With you and take in
Those reflections of
Her reality
To inner stand
The same thing
She reveals in
This reflective
Drink of herself
He let his gaze
work over her
drinking in
face and figure
reveals the extent
to which he longs for
ever asked before.
confidential-to explore and express the experiences otherwise difficult to communicate
Through-the-mirror is
intuitive spontaneous,
If only- if only- if only
constant activity
We are never elusive
We become this drink of
Water to clear our thirst
Because before I thirsted you
yet we must feel thirsty for it
before we shall care
to drink itAllow his mental
To move excitement to her
exhibited potencies
through the manifestations of the air as bodily warmth, vitality, mental power, physical strength, endeavor and movement
As I am inclined to touch
Another drop of her reflective

Written by: Jeffery Sanders

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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