A!Look!! | By James McMillon

What is it you see?
Whos was it ? History or my story ?
Such an image I insist factual or fictitious
But I knew it wasn’t nothing I facaded

Suspicious to be as I see some like me
Was this distained taste a preference
but insist a lot of questions and suggestion could be gestured O,……..I see

Vaguely as I allow the uncertainty to masquerade
Was this shade supposed be the intentions to blame for part of my shame?
So if there’s a non-reroutable key
How could you lie and claim to say I’d love to see the change.
And so the seed sewn direction was towards indirectly
So you’ll just ponder the wonder and ask why it’ll always stay this way and be the same
A black mans navigation in an American maze

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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