Birds Of Prey | by Poetic Meadows

From the moment of conception things would start to happen
People close to you would nurture you and
Build you up only to tear you down
This trend would extend the longer you’re around
Your innocence be taken
Family often mistaken
Trying to put the blame on you
But as they circled your carcass
Preying on your downfall at last
They thought you’d give up
Thought you’d rollover and just be dinner
But deep inside you’re a winner
And no way life circumstances
Would keep you bound in ritualistic and symbolic dances
You know the kind that say you’re just a product of your environment
Change the script and be heaven sent
See because the are going to kick you when you’re down
Don’t lay there and sulk or frown
Cause you’re not prey
And you never stop to say
I quit
Cause this is it
The moment when you look your demons in the eye
Help them remember why
You are a fighter
No matter
What your past has shown
Get up and own
Own the fact that you are a curse breaker
No generational pain will slip past our creator
You have come a long way
Your family will no longer seize your day
It’s time to step out of the shadows
Stand in the windows
Demonstrate this marvelous light
That shines so bright
That even when you stand in the rain
The pain
The pain is propelled away from your umbrella
Of confidence and your impeccable
Attitude of positivity
Includes dominance and creativity
To look those birds of prey
In their faces and say
I love me
I love me

From the mind of Poetic

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